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Competency Based 

Training Services

Technician Competencies

1. Fundamentals

2. Safety

3. Contamination Control

4. Plant Maintenance

5. Plant Lubrication

6. Greasing

7. Filtration and Decanting

8. Sampling

9. Used Oil Analysis Interpretation

10. Single Point Lubricators

11. Transformer Oil Sampling

International Council for Machinery Lubrication 

Certification Training Services

• Machinery Lubrication Engineer

• Machinery Lubrication Technician Level I

• Machinery Lubrication Technician Level II

• Machinery Lubrication Analyst Level I

• Machinery Lubrication Analyst Level II

• Machinery Lubrication Analyst Level III

• Laboratory Lubricant Analyst Level I 

Consultancy Services

• Cost Analysis

• Technician Training

• Risk Profiling

• Lubricant Rationalisation

• Inventory Reduction

• Site Audits

• KPI Metrics

Laboratory Interpretation 


Testing Services

  • Contract oil analysis interpretation and reporting services

  • Patch test and analysis reporting

  • Analytical Ferrography and Ferrogram analysis reporting

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